Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Again

Not for too long, but we arrived home from Santa Cruz last night. I'm off again on Friday morning to go teach at the Bead Monkey in Minneapolis. I've never taught there before, but I did visit the last time I was in town and it was a large, light filled, well stocked store with two classrooms! And I get to have dinner with Jean Campbell who I definitely don't get to see often enough, so that is going to be great fun.

This weeks flowers, very pink, very pretty, thank you Jill

But before I get on that plane there are things to be done and really all I want to do is bead. I found myself dreaming about beading last night and I take that to mean that I am having bead withdrawals and not enough time to satisfy them.

I am going to try to carve out some time today between cleaning, walking, and making some semblance of order in the studio. There remains a rather substantial to do list for some of my other endeavors, such as finish up my last designer of the year project, write directions for my Tahoe project, order beads for my bead and button kits, mail off some beads for sample making......

Last week I got back 'disco squares' my April May Designer of the Year project from Beadwork magazine.

I might not have called it that, but then I gave it some totally unoriginal last minute name like square medallion bracelet, so I can't complain, but I can take a note to get better at naming. Despite the name I love this bracelet, and judging by the mail I have gotten, others are having fun with it as well. I haven't taken it off for the last 5 days despite several people trying to persuade me to give it to them.

Off to the airport (Mark is returning to North Carolina for one week) and then a walk and then.....perhaps some beading!


Arlenesfelt said...

Having recently re-watched Saturday Night Fever, for the 25th time, I gotta say, Disco Squares is very accurate. Anything that brings to mind a young, sexy, dancing John Travolta works for me.
Welcome home!

a2susan said...

Hi, Marcia. Donna W. from Ohio made your "Disco Squares" bracelet in all the new metallic permanent finish seed beads, and crystals of course. It is gorgeous, stunning, out of this world! I don't blame people for wanting to grab it off of you!

Have fun in MN - hope it warms up a bit.


Miriam Shimon said...

Beautiful!! I love the colors!!!