Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rubber Ducky

This ring is too cute!

Made by Farres from New York, it's so dang adorable......

It was another great day, with the right angle weave presenting it's challenges, but all overcame and many a pretty piece was made. I recruited myself a new helper for my Bead and Button Class, an additional helper I should say. Liz always comes to help me in the classroom, but given Porticos is right angle weave of varying sizes I think two helpers will make sure everyone is taken care of. Thanks Sandy!

To all the Kentucky girls I had a most wonderful time with each of you, thank you so much. To all of you who travelled, some into storms, I hope you all had safe and uneventful trips.

Tomorrow I re-unite with Mark who is home in San Diego. I have a day of rest and laundry and then we'll travel to Northern California for a few family events.

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Unknown said...

That ring is ridiculously cute!