Friday, April 10, 2009

Santa Cruz

Well through a few technology challenges I've managed to bring pictures ...

First quintessential Santa Cruz, the light house at the harbor.

This is the view from the Crow's Nest, the place of the surprise birthday party and reunion with family and friends.

Mom was surprised and pleased to celebrate her birthday with so many.

Here is friend Char with Mom

Daughter Casey

Daughter Casey and friend Rose

Daughter Lucia and fiance Ethan

Son Brian and Grandbaby Sam

It was a fabulous evening!

And then on to downtown Santa Cruz and my visit with Rachel.

The day was challenged in that all internet service and mobile phone was down and I had neglected to get the address to Rachel's studio, I was going to call her...So I began going to stores that might know Rachel and asking. They knew her, but not the location of her studio. Well in my travels, Rachel and I ran in to each other! Thank goodness.

We shared tea,and chocolate macaroons.

enjoyed her studio

and found these, bead color number F457 in shoes!

It was a great day but way too short! I saw some of her book pages,

Wow, it is going to be so beautiful. It will be a must buy with so many beautiful and intriguing projects.


Bead-Mused said...

F457 in shoes??? I want! What a great trip you had and what a gorgeous family!!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Great photos - what a gorgeous family!

Tea, chocolate, beads and shoes - sounds like you had fun.