Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm here! Though I sat in the dreaded middle seat the trip was uneventful and short. I made some progress knitting on my lace tunic while continuing to listen to 'the Girl with Dragon Tatoos'

As much as I travel I try to stay organized. I found this neoprene zippered case with 6 pockets for carrying all the necessary electronics. I have the iphone charger, the camera, the cameras battery charger, an extra memory stick, the ipod, the swarovski ear bud headphones, power cord for the laptop, and mouse. I love it when I find a really useful product, and this one is great.

Also along on it's maiden voyage is the lavender sachet that Susan knit for me. I was touched by her thoughtfulness, giving me a bit of home and comfort to take on the road with me. Thank you Susan! It is well loved and will be well used.

Across the street is the chophouse in the Hilton hotel. I've been known to frequent the Chophouse while at Bead and Button in Milwauke so I'm hoping this one is as good. I'm planning a nice dinner, some beading time and an early bedtime.

I look forward to meeting everyone in tomorrow's class!

I couldn't resist finishing off this post with this beautiful art glass. I've photo'd her for the blog before, but I've moved her to this table in the bedroom where the light creates magic.

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