Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm home from Kentucky and will leave for Santa Cruz on Wednesday morning. That gives me one day to unpack and repack and complete the minor task of taxes! Work has begun but today is the day they must be finished up if they are to be mailed on time, so that is how my day will be spent....

In the meantime I give you some colorful photos.

My new Orla Kiely Pear Tablecloth from Target. I have a thing for all things pear and I love the color of this table cloth. It's oblong, I don't have an oblong table, but oh well, perhaps I'll have to buy one......Don't you love my logic

My Atenti overnight bag. The Atenti brand is made in LA, lot's of styles and colorful fabrics, I love mine. (the link is to a shopping site, rather then the Atenti site in case you need an Atenti of your own)

Isn't this the loveliest of trees. It was enroute from Diane's to our beading venue in Kentucky. I hope those delicate blooms survived the snow that was predicted

And here's Charley in her most colorful orange.

On to the taxes.......

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