Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo workshop

Kyle Cassidy held a photo workshop at my home on Sunday. An interested student, took Kyle's direction to capture this photo of Kate's beautiful daughter Bria modeling this necklace.

The dress was an exquisite choice for showing off the beadwork and I'm so pleased to add this great photo to my collection of Kyle's weekend of photos.

There is also a flicker stream here with amazing shots from this weekends Glitterganza. It's hard to choose, but I'm fond of the pictures of Doriot with the skull and crossbone parasol, orange ballgown and green insect bracelet, Kate and Chalon with the white fur, Mark in his English Countryman's wear, and me in my glowing hat, Nibby in all her blue and yellow finery looking gorgeous and regal and happy, and Joyce Rooks and her Cello, quite possibly my favorites.

There are several of Kyle shot by Kate, with Kyle sporting his Edwardian lace cuffs (I truly have no idea if they were Edwardian, but it sounds correct).

The weekend was excellent as anticipated.


LoriF said...

Totally agree with you re the shots of Joyce with her cello....gorgeous!! But there are also some other phenomenal shots there as well. Would LOVE to have been able to be there.


Marcia DeCoster said...

I totally agree Lori, there are many many amazing shots, I just loved Joyce and her Cello. The weekend was full of amazing!