Saturday, July 2, 2011

The American Trade Bead

Today I received a letter of gratitude for my purchase of a Harold Cooney bead at Bead and Button. You can read about and see my purchase here.

I was very moved by the letter as it described the really hard fought battle to make a living with ones hands. What struck me so much was that I find Harold to be a really huge talent. The glass work he is creating is incredibly unique, breathtakingly beautiful and complex in both shape and color. The skill required is so apparent, and yet earning a living while being true to the creative process has been so hard.

Over the years I have collected pieces of Harold's, often it being one my Bead and Button or Tucson treat. With Harold's letter came the good news that his beads are now available on Etsy. This of course means that I have access to his beads more then twice a year, perfect.

The letter describes a move to the Pacific Northwest to find a better environment for continuing his work. I wish him all the best in that endeavor, and look forward to his continually evolving work.

Update: you can also keep up with Harold on his facebook page.

3 comments: said...

So wonderful that Harold sent you a personal note. It is so very hard to make a living in the bead business these days. I love that you posted his story!

Jo said...

What amazing beads! The colours are gorgeous, and they look so tactile.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marcia, I just love your crystal slpash cuff in the Bead & Button right angle weave edition. Can you please tell me what is the size 8 light green speckled looking bead used? it is very lovely and gives the cuff a very elegant look. Thanks, Macie Dorsey