Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Creative Time

Do you find it hard to carve out enough time for creativity? I'm in that struggle at the moment. Having started a new piece this weekend I am am anxious to try a few different ideas I have for a bail. I want to change it up, perhaps use some St Petersburg chain, or maybe a rectangular bail done with embellished peyote. I have a vision but I'm not entirely sure where the beads will lead me when I have a few moments to sit with them.

It's a constant dilemma when running one's own small business. There are things that need doing, and what I want to do today, all day is bead. Can I? Perhaps if I work hard and fast getting through all the various tasks like shipping off samples, emailing supply lists, filing sales tax reports.

I know many of you either run your own business or leave your house several days a week to earn a living. How do you manage your creative time?

I'm not complaining, I did manage several hours of beading over the holiday weekend. It seems holidays and vacations are my hotbed of creativity. I sat down with an amulet purse for a round robin I'm particpating in. The beaded amulet was provided by Nancy Dale and embellished by Laura Zeiner and my job was to add fringe. I had a plan, a solid one I thought, until I didn't like how it looked......and I did something entirely different, and I might add that I love it. And I can't show you.....but I did crop out this part of the photo for you.

I think the light and level of detail on this little group of beads is amazing. I'm more and more pleased every day with the results I am getting in my little photo booth.

I'm having a grand time with the round robin. First I made my amulet to send off, then I received Laura's to embellish. Working on someone else's piece seems to me a huge responsibility and I want to do my best work. Fortunately Laura's purse provided plenty of opportunity for embellishment, (I used crystal, are you surprised?). On Nancy's my job was fringe and I had fun with it and was really pleased with the result. I'll receive one more to add a necklace to, and then I will get my amulet back with the work of three other people added to it. It's been a really fun process.


Jo said...

The battle to get enough time to just play and develop new ideas is a constant one for me. I run my own jewellery design business, and also write book and magazine projects, and teach privately at home, and teach evening classes at a local college - oh, and also have a five year old boy and a six month old baby and a 41 year old man to look after! However, I've realised that I have to have time for creativity and have to book it in the schedule like everything else as otherwise a) I'll go crazy and, believe me that's not good for the family, and b) my ideas for teaching/magazines/new pieces of jewellery for sale etc will go stale.

Scheduling in that creativity time is tricky at the moment, but I know that as the baby gets older I will have more time - even if it does lead to very late nights!

LoriF said...

Yes, I agree with you and Jo, it's a battle. I work outside my home, and I work shifts with unfortunately a very disorganized manager...so I often don't know from one day to the next if or when I will be working. What I do know, is that (usually) 2 days a week at some point I will have days off. I make it MY job at that point to ensure that at least 3 hours on one of those days, I am un-interruptable, as I create. It works for me, but undoubtedly I don't have to produce the same quantity of creativity that you do.
But I do think the secret is hard-and-fast scheduling.

lynsey said...

Gosh yes Finding creative time is a constant battle for me too. I am a full time student and i work the days i'm not at college, i can go for weeks without picking up my beads, and it eats me up slowly inside, this is why it can take months for me to finish a piece. The dream is to be teaching the hobby that i love, that way i can combine the career with the hobby i adore

NEDbeads said...

I'm so anxious to see the completed bag!! I am positive that I will adore it, and will love everyone's additions!!

I think spring/summer are the hardest times to carve out that creative time, even for someone with no outside the home job - there is SO MUCH to do both around the home and in the yard... and of course there are pets to take care of and so on... I get much more work done in the autumn and winter. And I tend to bead very very early in the morning, so that can sometimes help as well. :)

Marcia DeCoster said...

I remember when I lived on the East Coast way way back when that winter was a huge creativity time for me. Something about being forced to spend more indoor time, the cycle of the seasons. I miss that. I do not miss the humidity though!

germansoulmate said...

I really enjoy your posts, Marcia. It doesn´t matter if the post is about your beading or about your days and daily endeavours generally.
I´ve been following your blog for some time now and I find new things or ideas or inspiration every time I click on the button to get to your blog. Thank you for that.

I also bought your book and already tried a necklace which I gifted to my mother for her birthday. It was originally thought to carry a pendant by Sabine Lippert but my mother thought the necklace is too beautiful on its own. To which I´ve absolutely agreed btw.
My next projects will surely be a certain bracelet once the beads arrived. This time for me. I have to spoil myself as well, don´t I?

Thanks again for writing this blog.


Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Bea, it is always nice to hear that people are enjoying the content. Will I meet you when I come to Bonn in October?

Macie said...

Hello Marcia, I just love your crystal slpash cuff in the Bead & Button right angle weave edition. Can you please tell me what the size 8 light green speckled looking bead is that you used? it is very lovely and gives the cuff a very elegant look. I hate that I have little time to bead, so I take my beads to work, arrive early to bead as well as at lunch. I fit it in where I can :-D