Monday, July 25, 2011

Fifteen minutes a day

The new backyard is coming along, but I have come to the realization, frighteningly, that it is not self maintaining. I'm not sure how I didn't see this coming, but in my defense yard work has never been my territory. However with Mark continuing work on the bougainvillea towers, the hot tub deck, the stucco fence, new gate and the plumbing of the fountain, I woke up to the idea I was going to need to partner with him on this. Oh and he's working on the website for Beading by the Bay!

So my plan is to go out every morning with the intention of spending fifteen minutes. Once I'm in to it, I usually end up spending more time, but knowing I only have to stay for fifteen minutes helps. I'm weeding, pruning, raking leaves, picking up after Maya and generally keeping things tidy.

I picked up the Heather beads to put together ringlet kits. I have 12 sets of each color. Since I'm heavily into my Adobe illustrator learning curve at the moment, I need to count on Mark for updating my website.....maybe later this week, maybe next week. Here's a photo with all three kits worth worn together. Maybe in 15 minutes a day I can make enough to complete the choker. What can you do in fifteen minutes a day?

In other bead news, we will be revealing the three beadwork projects for Beading by the Bay this week.

Petra of Das-Perlament beadstore in Bonn will be posting my classes at midnight (German time) tonight. I'll be teaching there in October. Petra's enthusiasm is infectious and she's whipped up quite the frenzy so if you're interested in being there you might want to have a look tomorrow.

I'm getting ready to travel to Fusion Beads in August followed the next weekend by a trip to the Beading Frenzy. Somehow I usually end up debuting classes at the beading frenzy and this year is no exception. Both the Dream Keeper Vessel Ring and En Pointe are new exciting classes! And Susan and I have planned a fun day of visiting the San Francisco ACC show.


Lavinia said...

When will you accept orders for the ringlet kits? (Trying to be proactive here, since I missed out at B&B!)

Honey from the Bee said...

Loving your ringlets! Can't wait to see the class line up for Beading by the Bay.

Unknown said...

Yard maintenance does sneak up on you. I love your idea of only going out for at least 15 minutes a day. I should try that.