Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learning Curve

I'm learning and learning and's hard to keep up with technology these days. We just installed a network drive which allows us to share data and all of the computers in the house. That's a very good thing. It also provides me with a backup drive, but the time machine install (Mac's backup software) hasn't been quite so seamless.

I did manage to recalibrate my Wacom tablet to my new monitor which is really handy for drawing. I haven't decided yet if I like gripping a pen to do all of my former mouse or trackpad commands. And if I want to I can program all kinds of keys for doing different things with the tablet.

But most immediately I am trying quite desperately to come up to speed with using Adobe Illustrator to illustrate my directions. I got quite accomplished doing this with Corel Draw, but when I decided to go MAC, that was no longer an option and I decided since Illustrator is the defacto standard I should make the switch.

I'm still hoping that wasn't ill advised as my retention for all these new commands seems low. I'm using and watching videos. It's an excellent resource for learning with very targeted and useful information.

It's going to take quite a lot of concentration and my usual short attention span will not do. So my posts could be a little sparse over the next week. I leave for Fusion Beads next Thursday. I'm darn excited about seeing Katie and Lyndsay and Tracy and Janice and Cyn and Jules and Connie.....I know a lot of people in Seattle it turns out. And I've never been to Fusion Beads so that is exciting in itself. I hear it's a wonderful store.

I'll pop by of course in the next week, I'll share my progress and hopefully I'll have illustration success, (Susan certainly hopes so) I've never shown up without directions yet.....

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