Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yarn Bombing!

After dinner in San Jose this week, while wandering back to the car we came across urban knitting

A utility pole

A bike rack

It's a newish trend in the last few of years, apparently attributed to a group of knitters in Houston, Texas, called Knitta.
I'm apparently late to the party, there has apparently already been a global yarn bombing day on June 11th of this year. I wonder how I didn't know this? You can read more about Knitta on their blog here.

I came across references to gangsta yarn, street knitting and yarn bombing.

Since I'm busy baby knitting I don't think it's time to turn my attention to urban knitting in Lemon Grove, but the future. I see a knitted palm tree, and I would love a fair isle lamp post and perhaps felted flowers on a hanging basket.

I think the bicycle shaped bicycle stands outside the Grove would be a perfect first project. Maybe before the next walkabout. What about it Susan?

Have you seen any urban knitting? Done any?

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kate mckinnon said...

We should knit a cover for that big yellow LEMON!

Jo said...

That utility pole/totem pole is just fantastic!

lynsey said...

I actually saw some yarn bombing on my recent trip to my mothers town, but sadly did not have my camera to hand, it was really lovely too, all primary colours, i remember it made me smile

Sally Anderson said...

Of all the urban knitting, this was I think the granddaddy! I would have loved to see this one!
Isn't it great?

Cindy said...

I've never done any urban knitting myself, but my favorite example of it is the "T-cosy" in Berkeley. An art piece commissioned by the city consists of an 8-ft tall "Here/There" sign that straddles the Berkeley-Oakland border at Ashby street. Perceived as insulting to Oakland, a group of knitters made a T-cosy to cover the "T" of the "There" sign, so that both signs would read "Here". It was covered in the local paper:

Although the city threatened to take it down immediately, it lasted for nearly a year!