Thursday, July 21, 2011

I found a week

Yep, I had a weak grasp on this months calendar, being sure this weekend was the 29th and I would leave for Seattle the following week, but to my absolute delight, it is only the 21st today and so I have gained myself a whole week.

Which is great news because I am making amazing progress with Adobe Illustrator, having drawn my first beautifully shaped and gradiated beads today. I then grouped them and duplicated them and added a thread path and played with the pen tool.

I cannot say enough good things about It is software learning site which is so well organized, into really specialized topics, so if for example you wanted to understand gradients within Adobe illustrator you could go to the course on CS5 advanced one to one, and find 3 or 4 different 5 minute segments (which works really well with my attention span) discussing how to use gradients.

With that knowledge I built a beautiful bead today. I'd totally show it to you, but my effort to export it to a jpg failed, that will need to be tomorrow's lesson. But I am encouraged.

And experiencing a huge sigh of relief. As much as I can't wait for Seattle that extra week is going to serve me well!

And tomorrow, I pick up 12 sets of three colors of Heather beads for new ringlet kits!

There is still some work to source all the necessary seeds and crystals, but can buy a beautiful set of ringlets. Tomorrow, perhaps I can show you the stellar picture of wearing all three sets on one necklace...It's good!


LissC said...

lol - i don't think i've ever lost an entire week. I love when I gain a day or two, but a week, wow. That must have been a relief!

Danielle said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who has done that. I did it a week ago actually and it is a horrible thing to do to yourself! Love those little ringlets!

Lauren McLain said...

Will you by any chance be bringing some of the ringlet kits to Seattle?? Some of us who are taking one of your classes might be interested in purchasing one, or two, or...!