Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing with Fire

Kate is in town and will be giving a metals class tomorrow in my studio, which means I will be in attendance!

I got triple filtered butane for my torch (as instructed) and got out my anvil and steel and my pretty Fretz hammer. Wouldn't that be nice if I got to use it? I bought it from Janice years ago just to be able to fondle it.

I'm looking forward to a day learning new stuff. Well technically not new because Kate has previously shown me how to work with fine silver and a torch....but that was years ago and I didn't practice. But now, now I could be ready.....I'll let you know!

On Saturday there will be a seed bead class. I don't honestly know if there is room, but if you are in San Diego and you are interested you could let Kate or me know, by then I should know if there is room.

Oh and guess what? On a totally unrelated note. WE WENT IN THE HOTTUB TONIGHT! And it was awesome!

And, it just made me incredibly happy to click on Kate an Janice's links and see their beautiful smiling faces. Kate I see in person tomorrow and Janice in person in August. Life is good.

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kate mckinnon said...

I battled my way through torrential downpours and a FIVE THOUSAND FOOT HIGH wall of dust to be here tonight! And yes! I have my swimsuit!