Thursday, July 14, 2011

Waking up in the redwoods

Santa Cruz has the most majestic redwoods. A beautiful backdrop for the mountain homes of Ben Lomond where I'm staying with Rose, my friend of 30 plus years.

Yesterday was full of nostalgia with a walk on West Cliff, dinner at Takara

and ice cream at Marianne's, a Santa Cruz institution.

Baby Coconut ice cream!

I'm going to spend some time reviewing my Illustrator notes and trying to re-enforce all the knowledge Rachel so graciously spent her day imparting. Since I don't have Illustrator with me, re-writing my notes and trying to grasp all of the bead drawing concepts is the best I can do. However I feel newly confident of my ability to draw pretty beads which is great because I have a number of projects waiting to bel illustrated.

In the meantime I'll be playing with my beads.

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