Monday, October 31, 2011

2001 a Bead Odyssey

Last week I decided to review the artists who had participated in 2001 A Bead Odyssey, a calendar I produced with Dona Anderson and Linda Parker. I updated what I knew about each artists status for January through December.

It was an 18 month calendar (a decision which really did not serve us well, but ah well....)so today I will review the next six months, starting with Frieda Bates. Frieda is best known for her loomwork and as evidenced by her site she continues to do beautiful loomwork.

Mary Fraser was February and presents a beautiful square stitch purse named Deco Lady. Mary was a local friend from my San Mateo days of teaching at The Beading Frenzy. I can report that Mary is still a dedicated and excellent beader and still attends my classes at The Beading Frenzy.

March was David Dean with his Native American Fans and Rattles. I didn't find a website for David Dean, but did find a reference to a class he taught at the blog 'Allie's in stitches'. Pictures of both David and his work were part of the blogpost in 2009.

Catherine Harris's Mikado garden vessel purse was the image for April. I met Catherine at a Carol Wilcox Wells retreat and at the time she was doing beautiful patterned work and sold her patterns. Her and friend Patty were always a hoot to be around. A google search revealed that Catherine does have a website and does still sell her lovely patterns.

Margie Deeb's 'The Heart of Her' was the image for May. Margie remains a huge and active influence on contemporary beadwork with several books, magazine columns and her bi-annual color report.

The Terrestrial Star was June's freeform piece by Maria Tverdostup. I couldn't find a website, but I will follow up with a facebook friend request to see if I can find out Maria's current bead endeavors.

The making of the calendar was a fun undertaking and it's rewarding to know that so many of the participants have continued to do amazing things in the beadworld.

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