Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Well, yes, it has been vacation in Holland, and then in Germany I 'worked', well I taught four designs to lovely ladies, had a lot of fun, shopped for beads, had dinner out and enjoyed the glorious fall weather.

And yesterday I met with Andrea and Freddie from Perlen Poesie in the morning. I think an issue coming up very soon will tell the story! It has been a dream of mine since looking through the first issue of Perlen Poesie to some day be part of such an excellent publication, so it was a very exciting meeting.

And then today the train to Cologne, or Koln as it is spelled in Germany. The train lets off in front of the huge Cathedral, the Dom, which is certainly impressive. I was armed with the address of a yarn store ,Maschenkunst, that I wanted to visit.
Here are the two lovely ladies,Isabel on the left and very talented owner Daniella who helped me to make a very good selection. There is a rectangular lace scarf in hot pink in my future.

And here is a selection of the artyarns I came to see. I chose one with beads and sequins and a matching color of cashmere!

On Sunday the entire downtown of Bad Godesberg turned into a fabric mart (Judy you would have loved it!) and Sian bought this owl fabric. I couldn't help but to pose littler hoot with his cousin.

and here is the lovely Petra and bead sister Sian posing with a fanciful bauble that Sian had just gifted to Petra. There's an urchin bead in that bauble. Great colors!

And finally a beautiful fountain in a shopping mall at the Neumarkt in Cologne. It was a wonderful spot for a nice lunch of mussels and ravioli.


Arlenesfelt said...

How did you choose from the beaded/sequined art yarns? Gorgeous! I can see many of them sinking into my nuno......

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia,
Thanks for the update, I feel like eating mussels now :o)
Have a safe trip back home

judipatuti said...

A town fabric mart? I'm booking the next flight! How fabulous is that?