Thursday, October 13, 2011

Das Perlament

I'm in Bad Godesberg Germany and it couldn't be more wonderful. The sun started shining after 7 days of rain, the air is crisp, the way I like fall to be, and the store.....magnificent.

I met Petra and all of her cohorts, Elke, Sabine, Martine, and Kathrin two years ago at Bead and Button. Her love of beads, sense of color, and fun, oh and her love of crystals (she is also a Swarovski ambassador)are all infectious. Her store reflects all of that and more. There are treasures to behold everywhere I look and many things I haven't seen.

The stories of connections in the bead world continue to amaze me and I'm feeling very connected here. It's a long story, well sort of, starting with Cladia, a customer coming to ask Petra about a 'Disco bracelet' that she had seen somewhere but couldn't locate the pattern. Petra turned to google and came up with a photo on Sian Nolan's flicker account. She wrote to Sian who lived in England about the design and discovered it was one of mine published in Beadwork magazine. I discovered Sian as well, in a totally unrelated way here and wrote about it back in February of 2010.

Sian who is on the left here and Petra became great friends through this connection, and now finally I have gotten to meet Sian as well! and Claudia (the blond two down from Sian) who started it all and brought her Disco Squares, and Petra made one as well, so we'll have a disco squares photo session sometime later this week.

Elke(at the head of the table) who I met previously was my translator for the day and everything went beautifully.

Sian brought me a gift of a "littler hoot" made of crystal. Since Little Hoot left the suitcase after Portland and forgot to hop back in, littler hoot will have his own photo opportunities this week.

Below is some of the outstanding work done in yesterdays Crystal Collage class. It was all outstanding, these were just some of the ones the camera caught the best.

Today Rings of Saturn! An old favorite which I've taught twice in the last three weeks, a testament to it's design staying power.


just me said...

ich liebe kleineren hoot! so nett und sparkly

Terry in Alaska said...

Marcia you are lucky to have such fun participation in all you classes. I love reading about them and see all the results of the projects.