Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homeward Bound

It's been a great trip but going home is always nice. Yesterday we took my favorite mode of travel, train! to Frankfurt. The train runs along the River Rhine past villages with churches and through fall foliage. I sat quietly, no beads, no yarn and watched the scenery go by. It was a two hour ride, but I could have done it for hours.

I angsted over a hotel choice as I always do in a new city, wanting to find a nice hotel at a not crazy price. Apparently high level finance meetings are being held here, which pushed the four and five star hotels into the ridiculous range. I fortunately made an excellent choice in the Pearl Hotel, modern, good location, great customer service and a two minute walk to the river where a tree lined walking road hugged the river and took us into town and museums. Unfortunately the permanent collections was closed but we had a wander through a special exhibition which was to neither of our tastes.

Besides being in our space (and my need to be in the studio) Maya is one of our favorite reasons for returning home!

photo by Brendan Reif, (Casey's boyfriend, where Maya is happily staying)

A long day of travel awaits, and then we'll enjoy a weekend of settling in and on Monday vacation will be officially over. See you then!

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