Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best Friends

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting Stephney and Rachel in my studio. They are visiting from England and contacted me via email a few months back when they were making there plans. They've rented an apartment for their one week stay, over looking San Diego Bay and the airport.

We started out the day with my picking them up and suggesting a bead store outing, to which they were very receptive. This is dangerous for me, as I decided that it really was time to own some of my very own Basha Beads. I'll photo them for you soon....We stopped by Lost Cities and the Shepherdess picking up some treasures at both.

Then onto the studio, where they delighted me with their beadwork, their stories, humor and their friendship. They had such an easy sense between them, teasing one another, but you could see the shared interest in beads and the deep support of one another. They've traveled together often and I marvel at how they sort out meeting beaders and having the best adventures in each of their trips.

I unfortunately did not capture the best picture as I waited too late in the day and the sun streaming in was in issue. Rachel is on the left and Stephney on the right.

They were so generous, gifting me many thoughtful items, each with it's own story that will make me smile each time I use them.

When Stephney proudly showed Mark her Basha bead, realizing I had just shown my six, and Mark stated 'they must be very expensive' without missing a beat, she answered 'no not really...' You've got to admire that quick thinking.

I am also once again reminded of this connected world of beaders. As Stephney opened the Beaded Pal Project on Diane Fitzgerald's site and scrolled through the projects and names, I more then once said, hey, I know that person! It was nice to see the smiling faces of both Mary Ann Harder and Sandy Houk and admire the beaded bead necklaces they created.

We've plans on Saturday evening and on Sunday and I've given them suggestions for fun artsy things to do. Their off to the world famous San Diego Zoo with Jeannette this morning where they will undoubtedly have a wonderful time.

I started this post 'Best Friends' thinking about the many people I count as friends and feeling very fortunate.

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