Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Laaste dag!

I always surprise myself with how much of the Dutch language I remember. I can reliably travel, shop and eat but after that I'm sort of useless. I wish I had worked harder at being fluent.

Mark perfectly framed a swan swimming the canal.

Today was a low key day. I finished a pair of book earrings, and started on a pair to match the necklace I finished earlier this week.

Tonight we went into Hoorn, shopped a bit and then ate Japanese.

Tomorrow we are off to Bad Godesberg in Germany where I will meet up with my beady German friends. I happen to love train travel and am excited at the prospect of a day of beading on the train. I haven't picked which of the sketches I will work on next, that will be a decision for tomorrow.

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Shel said...

Wow - beading on a train,...that sounds like something out of a movie - how fun!! Love the picture!