Monday, October 10, 2011

More Holland

We left our plans up to the last minute, thinking about weather and interest, but decided with a relatively rain free day to take the train into Amsterdam. I have a long history with Amsterdam having started travel here almost quarterly since 1996.

We started at Amsterdam Central, arranging our travel to Bonn in a couple of days. Then we headed to Keupel Cafe, associated with the Renaissance hotel where I often stayed. Mark had his favorite DeKoninck

And I chose an uitsmitjer , an open faced ham cheese and fried egg sandwich. I'm working my way through my favorites, having had satay, carpaccio, goat cheese salad and bitterballen. Tomorrow perhaps Pannakoeken, a Thin Dutch pancake. Oh and I had stroopwafel for dessert tonight.

We took several shots of Outstanding buildings. This one broke ground in 1624. A recent sustainable building show I watched, was targeting a hundred year building......Seems maybe we should aim higher.

This angel is a favorite landmark near Amsterdam Central

I've been shopping at Cora Kemperman for years but didn't find any must haves today, I'm holding out for the yarn shop in Germany.

And this one is for daughter Casey, Starbucks in Amsterdam.

We have one last day and no big plans....

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Moobie Grace said...

So jealous! :) Hope your having the time of your life!