Monday, November 21, 2011

Manhattan Day

I love Manhattan! For a day or two at least. I'd probably like it more if I had a place to retreat to between excursions, but otherwise I get a bit overloaded from the stimulation of sights and sounds.

Today I will have lunch with friends, shop for some beads and for some wide brocade ribbon at MJ Trimmings. I passed up a pair of brocade ribbon wrist warmers lined with coordinating velvet when I was in Germany and I'd like to try to recreate them.

Yesterday Lydia came in with an Abrege necklace that was beautiful.

Lydia always finesses her finishing and the results are always gorgeous.

Here is Wendy, color queen of Blanches, who always pulls the most incredible palettes for class projects. She will insist she isn't photogenic, but I beg to differ, this is a really cute photo...

Another year full of fun at Blanches!

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Katie said...

LOVE Wendy! She is SO super helpful! I was so happy to meet her in person over the summer!

I hope you have a blast at MJ Trim! They have SO many great goodies in their store...I got some wonderful ribbon and buttons while I was there!

Enjoy your fun time in Manhattan!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia,
Thank you for the update and the pictures, it's nice to catch bits and pieces of your classes. I still can't get over my missing the one in das Perlament :'o(
Can't wait to see what you'll get from MJ Trim and what you'll do with it !
Enjoy Manhattan,