Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm getting ready to kit Beading by the Bay's Aeilia and ordered the necessary crystal....and then some. I'm blaming the chrysolite ab2x on Jamie. She made her dream keeper vessel ring (sadly no picture, what was I thinking) using these, or were they chrysolite opal, Jamie? Anyways, that and the dark red coral ab2x on the right side were design stash purchases.

That means they have no immediate kitting requirements, I just liked them. Do I need ten gross because I like them? Probably not, but then if I do use them I have lot's and given many of my designs use up to a gross of crystal (Aeila has 200 3 mm's) it's nice to have plenty.

One of the book palettes calls for the chrysolite, so that should work nicely.

Back to the drawing board today.....I managed to 'lose' a bead yesterday, which translates to ten of my illustrations need to be redrawn. Yes I did hit save, often, it just means I 'saved' the mistake I made by deleting a symbol that was being used, yes it warned me, 'this symbol is being used do you really want to delete it ?' I thought I did, I thought I knew what I was doing, I was wrong. And when the time machine should have saved me, instead the error reads, this adobe illustrator file was not saved with the pdf option enabled, you need to go back and save it again....that's paraphrasing but that is the back up of the file that I can open.

One more thing to sort out, if I can't count on the time machine back up software to reliably back up adobe illustrator files, that is a bad thing. So today more technology challenges. I wonder as we age if we'll be able to keep up....each new software update seems to bring up things that work differently and many times you have to go ferret out the answer.

Want to lock your iPad's screen orientation (you know so you can read in bed without it flipping between portrait and landscape) used to be a press the home button twice and scroll right on the menu screen until you see the screen lock option. Really? How am I ever going to remember all this?

Photo stream was working on my IMAC, taking a picture on the phone or uploading to the iPad or putting the memory stick in the IMAC, all photos ended up in photo stream to be used....pretty convenient until it stopped working, for no reason I can tell. I will sort it out when it becomes important enough, but cumulatively all of these technology challenges add up and make me weary.

Ok, I'm going to relax now, take a deep breath and open Adobe Illustrator.


Carolyn J. Blakelock said...

Actually, you can assign the side button to be the lock screen orientation button instead of the mute button on your iPad, just go into settings.

Marcia DeCoster said...

ah you're right ...I just checked, but that is kind of my point...I didn't think I changed that, so when it didn't work, I looked up lock orientation on google and found the method I described...hard to keep track!

Carolyn J. Blakelock said...

Yeah, you didn't change it, they did, with one of their OS updates.

Jamie Lubin said...

Hey Marcia, after having a stomach virus since last Friday, your package was uplifting....thanks for the drops. I constantly wear my vessel ring. So glad I took your class..still have to finish up En Pointe....but everyone loves all your pieces when I wear them. I used ChrysOpal AB2X and dorado....I think they are fabulous together....I think your necklace would be georgous with the seed beads that I used and those crystals....I need to get more myself! Love those containers with oodles of crystal in them! I'm so jealous!

Unknown said...

I have no idea how many times I have deleted things that I never should have deleted. It is so good that you were able to repair it in the end. I know with the one book I have of yours that your attention to detail is amazing.

Unknown said...

Oh and you have to know that anyone who is able to buy 10 gross of anything just because is my idol right?