Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's the Day

I drive into the morning fog on my way to Tucson, where there are lots and lots of beads and lots and lots of people who love beads. I will get to visit with so many friends that I often get to see only once or twice a year. And spend solid time with friend Susan who lives 8 hours north of me, so we are usually communicating by phone or email but not today. Today we will spend 6 and one half hours together on our way to Tucson. This is our third or fourth Tucson trek together and this time we will both be teaching some classes at the Swarovski Create Your Style event, and fitting in shopping and visiting as time allows.

My friend Susan Blessinger will be there representing Wire Knitz, a product she has done some amazing designs in. And my friend Jeannette Cook will be there selling her eclectic colorful jewelry kits, and my friend Judi Patuti will be there with bead mats, assisted by my friend Susan. And I'll see friends Tracy and Janice the wired arts girls, and Debi from Beads of Colour and Kate, and if I'm really lucky Maggie Meister.

And I will shop for beads. Most of my kit needs are covered and I will concentrate on some things to use in the various book projects that are planned these next few months. Speaking of which Susan and I brainstormed some new designs last night. It's so wonderful to have another
beader in the studio to work through the engineering of design considerations.

Unlike the hard freeze of last year the weather is supposed to be days of 70 and evenings of mid 40's, perfect!

I've got the iPad so I'll keep you posted!


Katie said...

Have a great time in Tucson! (and I think you had an "Autocorrect" moment today...I know what you meant and it made me giggle...)

flyingbeader said...

Have a fabulous time & oh yes...katie...I saw it too & had to have a chuckle.

Terry from Alaska said...

Linda From Alaska Bead Company will be there too. If you see her tell her not to get to hung up on 70 degree weather with thw below zeroes we've had.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks gals, fixed!

Jean Power said...

Have fun!

Katie said...

But it was such a FUN autocorrect :o)