Friday, January 13, 2012

Desert beauty

Yesterdays trip to Joshua tree national park was full of beauty and whimsy.

Here the jumbo rocks fun for climbing

And the whimsical Joshua trees, often referred to as Dr. Suess trees.

These by the way are iPhone photos automatically uploaded to the iPad, it was operator error, the iPhone was not on wifi. Pretty nice shots for a phone.

The Joshua Tree national park encompasses the intersection of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. The drive is easy and scenic taking about an hour with no stops. Had I thought ahead, a picnic lunch and a full day in the park would have been a great way to spend the day...

but I didn't and so we left mid day for a late lunch back in Palm Springs followed by and afternoon of beading. The jury is out on the results unfortunately. An error introduced early on and an uninspired color choice deems this piece not quite right, but I think there is potential and I'm not quite ready to abandon the idea. I do wish it were further along the design curve, but sometimes that is just how it goes.


Unknown said...

I would love to see the color choice you are not to sure about. LOL You have a great eye for design by now you should trust it completely. Thank you for the pictures of the desert. I am so far away from that I am not sure we will ever get there.

Terry from Alaska said...

I've been there several times to Joshua Tree State Park-nice place !Warm and dry.

Ingrid said...

This place looks amazing ! Not the kind of scenery you get to see here, it's like in the movies :o)
Thanks for sharing Marcia

Sally Anderson said...

Well, I see my question asked in yesterday's post is answered here. I don't know why the iCloud isn't working for me. Guess it's time to visit the Genius Bar at the Apple store!