Wednesday, January 18, 2012

photo shoot

Yesterday was spent at a birthday lunch for Judi Patuti. We to date have done all of our birthday lunches at the C - level lounge where the accomplished Deborah Scott is chef. And when she is in the kitchen she will make an off menu Ahi Tuna nachos with fried wontons which is truly amazing. It's a birthday tradition for us. The day was cool but sunny and the bay side table afforded a lovely view of the water. It made me nostalgic of Mark and I's sailing days.

After lunch Gail and I went to her place to photo all of the beautiful spaces she has created in her home. She is a watercolor artist, and of late has been putting together the most beautiful terrariums and pairing them with her paintings. She has also created vignettes of artistic serenity throughout her yard, home and studio. It was a fun day and here a just a couple of the shots I captured.

I especially love the glass globes

Here is one of several koi in her koi pond. A deck overlooks the pond and creates a serene sanctuary
This is a pairing of a globe and one of her watercolors

My 'days off' have come to an end, and today I will be illustrating. There is much to be done before I leave for Tucson in two weeks!


Beverly Herman said...
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Beverly Herman said...

I love birthday days with friends. The terrariums and painting are beautiful. I bet it is a very lovely home.

Jamie Lubin said...

Another very talented friend. You've commented on your birthday lunch in the past and I always thought it was wonderful that you and your girlfriends made this a tradition. Glad that you celebrated all together and ate something fantastic! I wish all of you a happy birthday!