Monday, January 30, 2012


I have always loved having guests....and until this home I have never had a proper guest room, so here I really enjoy being able to have visitors. My friend Lynne just left, was that only two weeks ago?! and today Susan arrives...One of the things I've made tradition is to welcome my guests with their very own sign. And this one is Susan's.

Given our bond over Swarovski Crystals (The Beading Frenzy is a Swarovski recommended store), and I've been known to use a crystal or two...I thought this would be a fitting sign.

I love making and personalizing the signs for my guests.

And speaking of crystals, yesterday I had the pleasure of the Dixon Chick and the Crystal Ninja coming to visit.

Stephanie (aka The Dixon Chick) came from Toronto with a one day lay over in San Diego. She stayed with Kellie (aka the Crystal Ninja) who gave Stephanie her first experience on the Pacific Ocean. Stephanie's enthusiasm is infectious. We met 3 or 4 years ago at Bead and Button and again when I taught in Toronto last year. Stephanie and Kellie are both also Swarovski Ambassadors and so I will spend more time with them in Tucson.....speaking of which I leave tomorrow morning and I really should think about packing!

Will keep you posted on our Tucson outings!


Helena de Troya said...

Have a great time in tucson Marcia!!!!!

just me said...

oh no, i forgot my sign.....and was that really only 2 wks ago?

Kim said...

I LOVE your hair!! Have fun in Tucson!

Tycialk said...

Have fun in Tucson. Come back with some great stories & pics.

Marcia DeCoster said...

I've got your sign, I'll mail it to you!