Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm a little teary eyed...

I have known Rachel Nelson Smith for a lot of years, she was seventeen when we met so when you read her interview you can do the math....and although I certainly remember our meeting and the story she tells, it kind of takes my breath away that a chance meeting meant so much.
I since gifted her the piece she talks about and looking at it now, it being one of my early early attempts, it is not very compelling, but I'm always touched when I see it displayed in her studio.

The interview was done by Lark and gives you a lot of insight into this hugely talented artist who I am so proud to call a friend.

Rachel and I on a recent walk on West Cliff in Santa Cruz.


T=MC2 said...

May we see a photo of the piece which inspired Rachel?

Marcia DeCoster said...

Well that would be up to Rachel at this point as it was 20 years ago and pre any kind of good photography on my part. It was a gold african helix in size 11's and the spine was dotted with primary red blues and greens. The closure was a small lamp work bead of gold with red blue and green dots which inspired the colors.

Tia Dalma said...

That is an excellent interview! I loved reading Rachel's answers to the questions and it's cool to see how far your friendship has come since that day in the bead store!

We need to bug Miss Rachel to post photos of this necklace on her blog! It sounds beautiful...and it would be cool to see some of your older work too!

LissC said...

I fell in love with her the minute I saw her first book. I love colors. Bright, bold colors. Her use of bold bright colors in her book, when everyone else seemed to be using more muted earthy tones (at least to me) was so inspirational to just be myself, and use the colors I wanted to.

I would also love to see the necklace you gave her :)