Friday, January 6, 2012


A while back Erin, owner of Beadology in Huntington Beach California asked me if I would teach a class at her shop. It's rare that I teach close to home, well relatively speaking....I don't have to take a plane or spend a day of travel, so it's easier to justify and fit in a one day class.

So tomorrow I take a break from illustrating Beads in Motion and drive up to Beadology where I'll be teaching Aurelia.

It's a nice project with ndbele medallions, topped with right angle weave medallions, each tip embellished with a Swarovski loch rosen, one of my favorite sew on stones. It's always fun to see what colors people will choose, it seems to be one of those designs that prompts the most versatility.

On Sunday I'll be doing some prep work for Beading by the Bay and next week will be spent visiting with a friend, and beading while I visit.

But soon, I want to tell you about this years travel plans.

There is a Beadventure on the schedule in New York in October and Maggie Meister will be joining me. We will be traveling to museums, exploring the garment district, walking in central park, frolicking in SoHo,oh and we'll bead of course. We'll be talking about the design process, mine in particular. I really want to tantalize you because it is going to be an exceptional trip and I want you to have plenty of time to plan.

and there is Bead and Button, and there is the Southern Bead stay tuned for more details. There are so many of you I like to spend time with, I hope there will be a class you can join.


Ingrid said...

I hope too ! Do you have any plans for Europe yet ? Belgium, Germany, Holland ?
I wish a nice weekend and teaching day !

beadologist said...

Say "Hi" to Erin & Iris for me! And have lots of fun!

Unknown said...

I am so jealous. I have loved this bracelet for so long! Someday after my daughters college is paid for I am so taking one of your classes!

LissC said...

that is so gorgeous! your work is just amazing!