Monday, January 23, 2012

Keeping me company

My friend Pat sent this darling owl to join my growing owl collection. She pinked his hair to match mine and he just totally cracks me up every time I look at him. It's nice to be reminded to be cheerful since I have a busy week, with the first of the book deadlines arriving at the end of the week with simultaneous Tucson preparation, and some tax work thrown in for good measure.

The owl is keeping me company in front of my iMac and makes me smile multiple times a day.

The good part is that I am feeling pretty confident with illustrator now and can work out how to do most things that need doing. I still find it challenges like the best way to show tubular beadwork, or how many steps to break something into to make it simple enough but not too cryptic. It is getting easier with each new project though.

I had another small studio change, mounting three black bulletin boards above the bank of storage cabinets. I've pinned up all the completed book pieces and it's nice to see evidence of them growing in numbers.

I didn't intend for you to see the pieces, sorry.....just helping to picture the bulletin boards. I bought them years ago at Crate and Barrel. They are mesh and magnetic, so both push pins and magnets work, and their kind of stylish.

Weather Underground predicts 100% chance of rain today so I think I best get my walk over with early since it hasn't yet started. Then back to the computer.

I took yesterday off, had lunch at Balboa park and visited three museums. We're members at the Mingei and the Art Museum so short trips for special exhibits are easy. The Mingei currently has a polymer clay exhibit and the Art Museum an installation of modern Mexcian art. But the highlight was the Natural History museum which had 'All that Glitters' a gem and mineral exhibit with both examples of the raw stone and beautiful jewelry made from the stones. It was exquisite.


Tycialk said...

Love the owl. Hope you enjoyed your walk & didn't get wet. The lonebeader on etsy has some lovely pins with owls & more than that the dog pins. They are beyond awesome.

Helen said...

The owl is adorable and the pink highlight so appropriate. Love it.

Gabri said...

Ha, tried to enlarge the picture anyway to see those book pieces. Didn't work to well. :((
Congrats with your hard achieved skill set. Now you are an illustrator pro.