Thursday, December 25, 2014

A lovely visit

Santana Row has been a peaceful interlude at the end of our busy year.  It's a really pretty spot...a shop, live, eat community.  It's always lively with walkers and strollers having a nice time.  Not sure I could live in the midst of a shopping center, but a three day visit has been restorative.

There is a lot of pretty here.

The hallways are brilliant.  Plain white walls become patterned by a grid that covers the ceiling lights and are angled to cast shadows that change depending on the angle of the light.  Quite an interesting way to achieve patterned walls.

The elevator foyer has a Spanish dancer painted on the wall, a different one on each floor.

The room is large and nicely appointed so it's been a pleasant stay.  Tomorrow we move onto our next adventure, while we savor the memories of being with family and friends.

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