Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Heavy Beading

What do I have planned?

I'm working on the second and third color ways of Layla, my Beading by the Bay piece.  It's called Layla as it was designed while air streaming in the Santa Cruz mountains waiting for Layla's birth.

Newest colorway is bright silver and muted metallic blues with a blue shade fancy stone.  I haven't decided on the outer edge color yet.  In this color way you see a hint of bright pink on the back of the CRAW petals.  I will say this one is challenging to bead as it is size 15 craw with 14 turns and joins.  There is also a back structure which gives a three dimensional quality to the piece.  I love the chain finish and my next challenge will be to find an equivalently good chain in a bright silver.  I think the third color way will call for a bronze chain.

I've also ordered the lemon fancy stone for the Deco Bracelet in Beading All Stars so that I can do up a bronze and amethyst sample.  First up will be the third Layla color which has yet to be decided.

I also just finished a second ancient Bells design in bronze and Lavender and ordered the beads to kit it for when the webstore re-opens sometime in January.  I'll take a photo for you soon!  Here it is in the original color.

When I'm not beading I have a rectangular lace shawl, and an adorable sweater for Layla on the needles.  Layla's is almost done which is the bonus of knitting for little ones.  The lace shawl is on size 3 needles and has a ton of repeats yet to finish it.  It will be very ethereal when it's completed.


beadyknitter said...

I love Layla--I hope that this will be a pattern or kit one day.

NEDbeads said...

That is so utterly gorgeous!!! I love CRAW in 15's, too... ;)

RavenBraid said...

Love the ancient bells! Another fun opportunity for the ringlets in between? Can't wait to see the bronze colorways!

Unknown said...

Layla is beautiful! And I love Ancient Bells I'm so glad you are planning to kit it!

Rita said...

both are beautiful!