Monday, December 15, 2014


My photos have come a long way in the time I've been beading but it's always nice to improve.  I feel that the bar has been raised in so many different areas of this beady career and I like keeping up.  Many of the artists take not only their own step out photos, but their own beauty shots and the beadwork is artistically presented.

My Canon EOS Rebel Ti, was stolen recently and I had to make a decision on what to replace it with.  I was torn, wanting the T5i with an expensive macro lens but not sure I could really justify that expense.  Mark being Mark started the research process and came up with the CanonPower Shot G16 as a recommendation for taking macro jewelry shots.  This option would be 1/3 of the cost of the DSLR I was considering.  I was still torn but willing to give it a shot.  It's a much better size for taking on travels, even though for the most part it will be dedicated to the studio, it was a consideration.  I never liked traveling with the big EOS rebel.

After reading through the manual and getting familiar enough with the controls, I thought I would shoot a bit of beadwork and see what I got.  I used an Aperture controlled setting as I like to control the depth of field.  I set it to 5.6 and let it determine shutter speed.  I worked without the light tent, laying the piece on some white paper and setting up my 3 lamps.

I'd say I got amazing detail out of this first shot!

Colors are good, white balance good, detail good…..I'm happy and can't wait to shoot a few more jewelry photos.

This necklace is second in the series of birthday necklaces.  This one belongs to Gail and was beaded by myself, Susan, Judy and Gail.  Yes the birthday girl has to bead too.  I contributed two beads so that the necklace would round out at 5.  The large center is a Bellisimo bead from Carol Wilcox Wells, the Art and Elegance of Beadweaving, and the smaller ones are from Beads in Motion, the Peanut Bead Slider bracelet.  The bracelet was also gifted to Gail and was done in these colors so she now has a matching set.


Jimmie Boatright said...

Amazing photo results! I need to learn this skill!

Patty said...

Stunning photo (and gorgeous piece!). How did you use lights with no tent and not wind up with harsh shadows?

Marcia DeCoster said...

I'm thinking that was luck Patty, as I was too lazy to put up the tent yesterday and too impulsive to not try out the camera…..but I do want to try the same photo with the tent and see what I get, I'll let you know.

LoriF said...

Holy cow! That's amazing! I've kind of drifted away from my (once) favored Canons to Panasonic...but these results are stellar.

Rita said...

beautiful photo!