Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I mentioned that we started a tradition of making a beaded bead necklace for the birthday girl and December brings us a second birthday, so on Monday we spent a day of beading together.  I elected to do a Bellisimo for this necklace (I did an Amphora for the first one)  The rest of the gals did a layered bead from beads in motion, the peanut slider bracelet.  

We completed this but she doesn't get to have it until her official birthday celebration lunch next friday so I had an opportunity to take a photo.

I love the combination of dark blue, silver and platinum pearls that Gail chose for her beads.  We'll make a proper necklace in time, but the ribbon is a nice interim so it can be worn.

Bellisimo if you are curious was first done in 1999 or there about and is published in the Art and Elegance of Beadweaving by Carol Wilcox Wells.

Funny I just noticed the cover beads would fit nicely with this theme, although they have smaller center holes, making them harder to put on a wider necklace.

Judy has decided rather then beaded beads we will make a cuff on which we all do a bit of bead embroidery.  That should be fun!


Terry from Alaska said...

I own the book and have never tried anything but will have to revisit and try some.

Rita said...

Very pretty gift! I think beading with others is fun.