Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More photography

Conversation with some fellow bead artist/photographers suggested that maybe the light tent was not my best option so I decided to compare yesterdays photo (no light tent) with one using the light tent on the same piece.   When I didn't use the light tent, I also had not diffusers on my lights and can see the images of the three lights reflected on the pearls.

I thought perhaps the light tent would diffuse the two big lights enough to make them disappear and the front 'sparkler' light would have more impact.

I did notice that using the same f-stop resulted in a darker picture.  I didn't yet bother to go full manual and increase the shutter speed.  I am sure as time goes by I will get more familiar with how to best utilize this camera's (Canon Power Shot G16) features.  But I remain pretty happy with the level of detail, color and white balance (on auto).

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Rita said...

I like yesterday's picture, so nice with color and so crisp!