Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I'm struggling a bit learning how to do this well.  This sign in my studio is a reminder.   Since I've been home eight days now I am actively working on how to have relax.

The first few days I had to unpack, grocery shop, tidy up the studio and do some Christmas shopping.  It turns out that being semi-retired does not eliminate a number of things that still need doing.

But other then beading, which is not work as far as I'm concerned, I have taken time off from the the business of MADDesigns.  As I transition to a different way of conducting business I plan on re-opening the webstore and as you can see, maintain a more active blog.  I will get to those things, but in the meantime I have chosen to totally let go of the business to do list until after the 1st.  Then I will plan what inventory to make and release as kits and what to release as tutorials.  I'll make a schedule of when to do these things and include some illustration and writing time for a couple of new designs.  So stay tuned.

During yesterdays rainstorm I sat in my comfortable chair with a cup of tea and a new Sunset magazine.  It was hard to overcome the feeling that I should be doing something else….I think this whole relaxation thing needs some time to learn it. 

I also got out my big Bead on It Board.  It's my favorite, not only because it's named the DeCoster, but because for a big, long term project I love the amount of real estate it has.  It's great for lap beading and it can store all my active beads.

I do realize this board probably makes at least half of my bead friends crazy, but try as I might I haven't changed my messy beader ways.  This just works for me, spill out a bit of what I want to use and use it, spill out the next thing…..I have learned to spill out fewer crystals, making the eventual clean up a little bit easier.

Time to finish up Christmas wrapping and mailing tasks and then back to the beads.   It's all I've got planned for the next two weeks!  And of course kissing grand babies!


Rita said...

Love to read your blogs, love to see what other kits will be available. Relax, I have done that for a year and a half, I'm ready to go back to work! lol

Terry from Alaska said...

You'll be surprised how much the everyday things will keep you busy. Looking forward to the kit store opening again. Have a good holiday.