Monday, December 1, 2014

Beaded Beads

Climatic beading, what a funny thought, and what I mean is there are times or year or weather conditions during which the activity of beading fits into my day so much better.  It also means I probably live in the wrong place, because what I really love is a rainy grey day with some chill in the air.  I would prefer snow even but I live in San Diego so I'm not delusional, I know snow is never going to happen.

Fortunately for me today is overcast and lots of rain is predicted for tomorrow.  I do need to prepare a bit for my last bead engagement of the year (I leave Thursday) but I also have some solid bead time tucked into these two days.

You may remember me saying we have a new birthday tradition among my friends and that is for each of us to make a beaded bead for a necklace for the birthday girl.

So far I've made an Amphora from Beaded Opulence for Susan and am working on a large Bellisimo for Gail's upcoming birthday.  The girls, while enthusiastic and multi talented are just beginning their bead  journeys so I kept their beads simple by beading a base of raw, which then they layer and embellish, like the beaded beads in Beads in Motion.


Victorian Slider


Who knows maybe we'll step up to an urchin  bead in time!

Do have a favorite beaded bead?


The bad Liz said...

I guess it could be urchin or something by Sabine! or Elke is doing some cool things also. Hmmmm.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! Gigantisch!!!

Unknown said...

I would like to know where to get the metal chain used on some of these.. It's really nice and helps make up the piece more quickly if needed in a hurry.

Unknown said...

It's actually a metal rope (in the Amphora photo), not a chain... Would love to know where to buy this rope!