Friday, February 6, 2009

Farewell to Tucson

First, highlight of my day, a new collection of Gail Crosman Moore beads, I can't resist, the women is brilliant with color and shape and she has an eclectic assortment of embellishments.

At night we attended the Swarovski party near downtown Tucson. Everywhere one looks the finest Swarovski jewelry adorns necks, ears, wrists and fingers. Here are just a few of the folks I got to see or meet

Melinda Barta, beadwork editor, adorable and talented

Kristal Wick, so nice, beautiful necklace of silk beads with crystal

Meredith from Beadalon looking stunning in black with silver and crystal necklace

Tatiana, Wow! necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring. Leaves in the necklace of size 24 beads, amazing

Scarlett Lanson, contributing Beadwork editor and Scarlett's Mom, there was a strand of crystal running through her braid

The girls from Fusion Beads, don't they look nice together

Myself and travel companion Susan of the Beading Frenzy

And Janet, ever patient with Susan and I carrying on conversations that move in ten directions at once.

I'm packed for the drive back to San Diego. Next, putting away beads and preparing to kit. Lot's of help this week, so I need to be ready and use everyone's time wisely.

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