Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm home

The morning welcomed me, still in bed this is my morning view (the window is curved, your sight is not distorted)

(Miss Maya, who was trying to sleep in and not enjoying the view)

Today I need to, wash clothes and repack, only this time I'll need different clothes. Atlanta was cold and I got to wear black velvet, but my next trip is the bead cruise and I don't think black velvet will do. So I need to start perusing the summer clothes for a suitable wardrobe. I may have to go shopping! I'd like a floaty white dress to wear with my new shawl. See those pretty sparkly drops attached to each delicate point? They are beautiful Swarovski teardrops in Crystal Verde and yes they were expensive and yes they were really supposed to go into Romantica kits, but I couldn't resist. Now I need to order more in time for my class with the Kentucky girls. But I think it was worth it, I love this shawl.

It was suggested (Thanks Liz) that perhaps my hair should match my new packaging.

And since I'm going with the blue theme, I had to have these sparkly peace signs made by Leesa at Beaddazzles.

May you enjoy a 'peace'ful day!


a2susan said...

Hi, Marcia. Can't wait to see you on the cruise - not soon enough as we are still in the midst of a cold winter. You are going to have such fun with those "Kentucky" girls. A group of them come up for Bead Daze in Michigan and they are great.
Susan from Ann Arbor

The bad Liz said...

And the hair looks stunning!!! Susan from A2 and I had a couple of minutes to talk during classes. We missed you.

Your ears might have been burning because we did talk about you - the Kentucky girls and I - I might have to road trip down there......

Have a great cruise....

tnahowru said...

the kiri is beautiful! i got my yarn and am determined to learn and knit it but have to finish bead dreams necklace first. i'm calling it "The Marcia" by the way.