Friday, February 6, 2009

Tucson Shopping and Friendships

The weather has been perfect and we set out for our second full day of shopping, this time to the Holidome and Gem Mall for the GLW shows. This is where the bulk of my buying for kit materials is done, so yesterday I was able to substantially reduce the visual shopping list. I'm down to about 2 items still required.

During the course of the day I ran into Dallas Lovett. I love Dallas and don't get to see him near often enough, but we made a dinner date for June at the Bead and Button show.
We also crossed paths with the Wired Arts girls who were invited to dinner in 'our new home'. How quickly someplace becomes home. I'm more of an ocean girl, but I do appreciate the beauty here. A sunset view from one of the houses many outdoor spaces.

We had a nice evening with the ever animated Tracy Stanley and the quick witted Janice Berkibile. They are each a blast to be around, and together it's non stop fun.

Todays shopping is the fun kind, Windmill and Swarovski, dinner with friends and then a party!

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Arlenesfelt said...

Looks like you are having one beadutiful time. I love Tucson and the views from your rented house make me nostalgic. I had lunch with Eloise, Joan and Julie yesterday and they asked about you and sent regards. See you next week.