Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let there be kits!

Today 3 friends will join me in the kitting room. Judy will be doing her real life today but will join us for more fun on Friday. They used to be my knitting girls and we do all still knit,quite well I might add (I'll get back to that part of the story) but over time, beads have been introduced and they've all declared 'the year of the bead'. Their first project was La Boquita and then Susan moved onto Terracita, a former non-beader doing circular right angle weave from directions only (I didn't tell her it was hard, she didn't know it was right angle....)

You see, it's working out quite well for me, I teach them beading (they are all hugely talented already) and they come help me kit. I don't think it's really a fair trade, I think I get the better end of the deal, but so far they're excited to come play in the studio and help out.

We do tend towards exuberance as a group, so we'll see how much we get done. But first they all want to see the 'Tucson stash'. And today they will learn how to do the crystal splash cuff. I bought lot's of pretty fire polish in Tucson and some gorgeous matching rivolis and they will all pick their favorites.

If you 'd like to make one, directions are in Bead and Button's special Right Angle Weave edition which came out summer of 2008, although I think I've seen it still on the newstands. It's so much prettier in person, the addition of the embellisment tips the firepolish at an angle for lot's of extra sparkle. I've been having a love affair with firepolish. The colors are so beautiful.

On the knitting front we've all just bought French Girl Knits and are busy selecting the pattern we'd like to make. If you're a knitter and on Ravelry, or you own the book, I want to do Louisa, a long lace tunic of sorts. We want them to wear to the March 28th Walkabout in South Park (which may be overly ambitious for me, Susan is the speed knitter of the group and will have no trouble, hey, maybe she'll make mine...) , where Susan owns the Grove, a wonderful yarn store, shared with a wonderful book store and gift store and more.

We'll also get a sneak peak at Val's newest felted purses before they go off to live with their new owners. Val is a super talented fiber artist who makes really fun stuff.

This little confection lives in my studio and holds my beading needles.


villagebeader said...

I absolutely LOVE this rose....where can I get one? It reminds me of Mary Engelbreit flowers.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Hi Cindy,

Click on the link to Val's site for her contact information. She also sells in a gallery in Coronado, Ca near San Diego and on Etsy

Valerie said...

Oh my, Marcia. You are a sweetie for posting a picture of the pincushion I made you in honor of your last birthday, and for the purple streak in your hair! It's a perfect accompaniment to your beautiful, colorful studio. Thank you for talking about it on your blog. I am touched...

I am so looking forward to tomorrow, and the finishing up on the cuffs, as well as more kitting help. See you then! -Val