Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentines day finds me without my valentine....but he sent a lovely card, a mushy, this is how much I love you card, just the kind I like. And he sent flowers which I've put in this exquisite vase which is completely sentimental and pink. I met my valentine in March of 1984. My birthday is in October and this vase was his first birthday gift to me. I was really, really impressed with his gift selecting abilities. Don't you agree? It is from Lundberg studios which is in Davenport California, a visually beautiful coastal ride north of Santa Cruz where we lived.

Since that first vase, many others followed, including this one, very valentiney indeed

I leave you with a beaded valentine and the wish for a day where you give and receive love. (Lampwork by Julie Wuest Leopard Heart Beads)

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