Thursday, February 19, 2009


I may have mentioned this before....San Diego weather can be a bit, well the same. And being an East Coast girl originally, I like a little diversity in my weather. Yesterday Atlanta provided it. I flew in to teach at Beadazzles and Alice picked me up at the airport. There was torrential rain, light up the sky lightening and deafening thunder claps. I loved it! I would have loved it more if poor Alice weren't stuck driving in it.

Today I'm teaching Rings of Saturn, size 15 right angle weave, and everyone is doing a fabulous job.

Here is a picture of Gabriella. We met in Atlanta last year I'm pleased to call Gabriella a friend. She's an excellent beader and came to visit and help in my studio. She's wearing her version of crystal collage and it's stunning.

Gabriella is from Amsterdam, a citiy I love, so we had lot's to share.

Wireless access is limited to lunch time, so more tomorrow!

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