Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I saw a Lion!

Ok, not quite so cool as the moose, but he was rather fierce.

Linda and I went out and about yesterday and stopped at this fabulous gift shop with lot's of eclectic furnishings in a huge hot pink building. I should get better at remembering names....but it was very fun.

Then on to the Knitting Grounds which offered a selection of yarns, fibers for spinning and many many fibers for felting. There were beautiful hand dyed selections and many inspirational pieces hanging from the walls. Zaynab the owner was delightful as she showed me around. My friend Arlene , a very accomplished felt artist teaches here on occassion so you may want to keep an eye out for her classes. Her Nuno scarves are amazing and I love her pillows and wall hangings, all very colorful and artistic.

Then on to the shop where I was teaching Ringlets. Many of the folks from the weekend were back. Karen was wearing a gorgeous Romantica with earrings to match.

Shannon's fun colored Romantica was well on it's way.

Here's Shannon and Shera who very nicely color coordinated their outfits for the photo shoot.
Too bad you can't see Shera's very cool bracelet. Curved right angle weave, nicely designed, beautiful colors.

More Ringlets tonight and tomorrow we're off for a drive to Seward where the bar has been raised to include sheep and whale viewings, we'll see.....


Arlenesfelt said...

Props to your hostess for taking you out on the town and hitting all the hot spots. Isn't the Grand Duchess a hoot? She had another store before, ( same exterior color) then built this much larger one. Would you believe the color (Pink,cerise, fuchsia????) is her legal property? I never knew you could own a color!

Katie said...

I hope the whales got the memo that you're in town...When we are on our cruise to Alaska in about 1 1/2 weeks, I am definitely going whale watching - Thomas knows that if we are somewhere where the watching is good, I will be on the lookout :o)

Glad you're having fun in Alaska! And, remember, bear mace goes on the bear and not you :o)

Lisa said...

And you're supposed to be working????

The bad Liz said...

Sounds like you have having a blast in Alaska!

Michaele Sommerville said...

Shannon is a dear friend (and my daughter's godmother!)- so glad she pointed me to your blog! Beautiful, beautiful beads!