Sunday, October 2, 2011


Do you have a collection, or maybe several?

Over the years we've collected shot glasses, long since gone with the exception of a few favorites, teacups, stuffed bears, Christmas ornaments, glass vases and beads, but that goes without saying. Mark collects artistic medals, and I....collect salt and pepper shakers (and possibly dishware, but that is another subject.)

I'm fortunate to have friends that gift me unusual salt and peppers. This charming pair came as a gift a couple of weeks ago,

The go beautifully with my orange accents in the green and brown dining room and I love them! Those darling little heads full of holes and that rounded body and little nubby feet, all standing at attention.

and that same week I received some Jonathan Adler, one black and one white, very contemporary and stylish for my veranda table. I have black and white striped ball salt and peppers, and ceramic crabs, and sweet little individual glass ones, and big colorful grinding ones.

What do you collect?


Bobbie Pene said...

I collect lampwork glass beads. Each month I buy one bead from an artist whom I admire and at the end of the year I will have a little collection of 12 precious pieces of glass :)

pamelaric said...

Well, we aren't counting beads...thank goodness. :-) I collect cookbooks. I positively LOVE them. I actually read them, cover to cover. Unfortunately they take up a bit of room. I also collect original southwest art. I have water colors, oils, pastels, an etching, and several sketches. I live in Tucson, so it all makes sense. I absolutely adore salt/pepper shakers and I eye them constantly (shame on me). I just cannot collect one more thing. lol...But it sure doesn't stop me from drooling over them.
Pamela, Tucson, AZ

T=MC2 said...

I used to collect shoes, until the ridiculous heels made a good start on destroying my feet. My lucky local charity shop ended up with over 120 pairs of high-quality shoes and boots, and my cupboard was once again something I could shut. Now I stick to books (5100 and counting).