Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabulous, Fabulous Germany

I have so many good pictures I don't know where to start. This has been the most amazing experiences, everyone's enthusiasm is such a treat, and the quality of beadwork is exceptional.

Here is Ute, who is not only wearing a beautiful version of Fanfare, but baked a cheesecake for our afternoon treat. I've never attempted cheesecake but this was the real thing, complete with spring pan (I don't even own a spring pan), a beautiful crust, and creamy cheesecake. Thank you Ute!

Here is Nicole wearing urchin beads and working on a fantastic teal and silver rings of saturn.

This is entwined circles beaded by Katarina, who came from Berlin to take the class. I was so happy to see this one done, as in the book, the bracelet ended up backwards on the model and does not show to it's best advantage. It turns out Katarina has beaded many of the book pieces. In the afternoon, I ran out of camera battery and was without my outlet adapter to charge it, so sadly I did not get a picture of Katarina.
I couldn't resist the fall foliage which is along the cobblestoned road on the way to the classroom.

Here is Elvira (isn't she cute?) who came from quite aways up North. Her and friend Martine (my assistant and translator for the day) were well on their way to completing Rings of Saturn in dark blues, gunmetal and silver. Martine used 2 mm crystals to 'polka-dot' her ring. I can't wait to see the finished versions and they've been given that job today. So perhaps photos later this week.
The next set of photos were all beautifully beaded by Katarina, Urchin beads

Beaded bangle in luscious purple iris and green
Quetzal ring in a soft analogous colorway.
and an Amphora pendant, also beautifully colored and finished with a nice rope necklace.
and Sian with her fun colored urchin used artistically in this whimsical pendant she put together.
Today is the Dream Keeper Vessel ring and Sabine Lippert will be the translator for today's class, imagine! I'm thinking it will be a fun day.

I have an excellent set of photos to give you a sense of the wonders of Das Perlament, but that needs to wait, as I get ready for another great day of fun.

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LUCY said...

Fantastico, compartir y estos trabajos espectaculares, me encantan.....felicidades.....