Friday, October 7, 2011

Love in San Diego

You may recall that my trip to Holland was the result of a house trade with a former colleague from my corporate days when I worked in Holland.

We are enjoying the lovely home of Angenita and Michel while they visited our home in California.

I love the intriguing light fixtures here and have renewed energy about changing out our kitchen florescent overhead light with a wonderful fixture.

Our guests arrived a couple of days before we left so we were able to enjoy some some together. Michel asked for a dinner recommendation, and I suggested C-level lounge, a lovely restaurant on the water with a full view of the cities skyline. Little did I know that he was choosing a setting for a proposal of marriage! Michel scores high on the romance scale with a dream vacation proposal.

We're caring for their three cats while at their home. I was supposed to have a cat, it was the deal I made with Mark when I agreed to move to San Diego, but then I met Maya.....I am however enjoying the three long haired beauties here.



Joris (I was informed of the correct spelling by Angenita, so now perhaps he will 'komt hier' when called) was unwilling to pose, perhaps another day.

It's cold rainy and windy here, but in Holland you get used to being out and about in the elements, so in a bit we will find our way by bus to the train station and venture off to Alkmaar, a nearby Dutch village which I am told is charming.

Yesterday we spent the day waiting for misplaced luggage which gave me a long day of beading. I have a goal of returning home with 5 book projects complete. Yesterday the second was completed and the third started.

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Angenita said...

Ahhhh so great to see our hair balls on pictures. Maybe when you start calling Joris by his right name he will
pose ;-)
Try the light which you turn on in the kitchen behind the right glass door. This is our hidden light switch ;-)

Helen said...

Those light fixtures are gorgeous.
Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!