Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fresh perspective

As is so often the case, a fresh day brings a fresh perspective. Thanks to all yesterdays well wishers. I spent the afternoon doing some beading and finished up a focal for the new book, now how to work it into a wearable piece of jewelry.

Inspired by my friend Rachel I am walking, although not the 6 miles she completes every day, but I'm feeling good about the commitment to three miles per day. I do wish I had the beautiful West Cliff ocean to walk on. My San Diego ocean while beautiful is in the commute direction so an early morning walk there is difficult. I reserve that for weekends when Maya can come along to dog beach.

I took myself to bed early with an ibook, The Cookbook Collector, recommended by a friend. Since the story takes place in the 90's in both Silicon Valley and Boston, much of the setting is familiar to me and I am enjoying the read very much. I am however impatient for the ipad3 to be released, for it's lighter format. Holding the heavier iPad1 is a bit hard on my hands. I'd opt for a kindle but I want to keep my device inventory to a minimum and I use the iPad features for on the road blogging and when I finally get the 3 (I skipped the 2) I will use it to FaceTime with the grand baby.

I was presented with an unexpected challenge yesterday when I discovered the button I sourced for my Beading by the Bay project is just enough too large to not fit it's crystal bezel. So I will be adding a button search to my day's activities.

And more illustration.....

just a few more days and then off to Tucson where I will stay at the Westin La Paloma resort, teach at the Swarovski Create your Style event, meet with my fellow Swarovski Ambassadors, travel with my Beading by the Bay partner Susan, and shop for beads. That promises to be a good week! We leave Tuesday!


Ingrid said...

Glad to hear your spirits are up again! I love reading but I haven't tried the e-books yet, I like to hold a good old book because usually I fall asleep while reading and when I wake up in the morning, it's lying beneath the bed :o)
You have great plans ahead, enjoy !

Unknown said...

A good night's sleep can always do wonders for a mood shift. Sounds like quite the week ahead! Enjoy it thoroughly :)

Jamie Lubin said...

So glad that you shook off the blues...I have the ipad 2. What makes mine so heavy is the case that my sweet husband bought me when he surprised me with the up grade...and since it was $50 I feel like I have to use it for awhile. Since I take care of all my stuff, that should take quite some time before it shows any signs of wear. Tucson sounds like it will be a blast....hope you have a great time!