Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Did you know?

That you can custom make your own Converse sneakers? I did. My daughter gifted me a pair a few years back, but at the time black grommets were not an option, and now they are!

I'm thinking that I want to adhere some flatbacks here or there, maybe some pink ones or crystal ab, we'll see what mood strikes me when they arrive. Please do notice that they say MadDesigns on the hot pink heel stripe which matches my hair on most days.

Should you want your very own customizable Converse sneakers, the link is here.

Mine are pretty tame considering the possibilities.


Sylvie said...

My son's are the not-tame variety. He put every color he could squuze in! I just want the new red gingham ones!

AJ said...

How awesome! I played around with it and came up with a sweet green and black pair. Really tempted to buy some :)

LoriF said...

Omigosh I want a pair of those SO bad!! ....and they don't ship to Canada. :(
I sure had fun though...would LOVE a pair representing the charity I am a volunteer for. :(