Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Malayna's latest sweater is done!

I put the finishing touches on this sage green bolero sweater for Miss Malayna Pies today.

I had knitted up the shawl collar and attached it, but was not at all happy with the finishing. A final soaking and blocking made all the difference. I think I still don't prefer how the edging was stitched on, with all the different cast off, cast on and decreased edges to cope with. But it's wearable. The button was an after thought and stitched on top of a snap closure. It was designed to be open, but I thought the edges would have a tendency to flop.

The wool was a washable cashmere merino from Sublime which was a pleasure to work with. Next up is a swing coat, already knitted up by Judi Patuti for her grandbaby who is a few months older then Malayna, so it's a proven pattern. I have time since I want to make it a 12 month size for wearing this winter.


marbran said...


You are so talented! I really enjoy following your blog. Not only do you make lovely bead work, but you also do fabulous knitting ... just couldn't seem to get the hang of that...

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Marlene, I've knit since I as ten, so way longer then I have beaded and still I'm just a so so knitter, but I definitely enjoy it.